After a weekend in the Jerz

IMG_6269Went out to see my mom this weekend, came home with two boxes of Girl Scout cookies. (Samoas and Trefoils.) We tried to go out to dinner, ended up at this weirdo Chinese restaurant in Fort Lee, Shanghai something. Fountain? Mountain? Palace? Couldn’t get out of there fast enough. There was such a loud hum and vibration under my seat, I think I was sitting on top of a nuclear reactor. The food was so strange: our shrimp dumplings had the end piece of the shell sticking out, like a handle. Don’t get me started on the main courses.

I found this picture in my mom’s photo album, taken with my Dad at the long defunct Palisades Amusement Park. I’m thinking second grade. (I can date most childhood pictures by the length and texture of my hair. This was before the big bad haircut in the summer before third grade.)

Nearly halfway through my 2nd favorite month. Windows open, no socks. Huzzah.


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