Hmmm . . .

I used to blog under the name “Grumpygirl.” It was hardly a nom de plume; I never kept secret who I was. As I mentioned in my first post, that blog was locked down during the recession. I am trying, now, to resurrect her voice. Certainly, I never have trouble finding the right voices for clients. Here? I’m a little blocked.

Otherwise, grateful it’s finally warm and I’ve pulled out my Marimekko Chuck Taylors, and can finally open the windows!!! (But what is it with these women in NYC who all winter don’t wear socks and have bare ankles? Aren’t they cold? Is it because I’m old and cold all the time??)

Spent yesterday at the non-profit. We need light bulbs, and Post-its, and a Poland Spring dispenser, oh my. Computers there are donated PC laptops without hard drives, so I’m lugging my extremely heavy 2014 Macbook Pro with me every day. I dream that a Macbook Air will drop from the sky. Other than that, I’m loving my days there.

Yesterday I started weaning Pru off the steroids, which is terrifying me. Again, she remains happy and cheerful and tremendously enthusiastic: I was awakened to her in a crying frenzy over the weekend; one of those scary hairy centipedes was running along the ceiling. This isn’t the first time—I beg you to tell me where they’re coming from, please—and each time she sees one she goes batshit.

Signing off to find my voice . . .


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