Blogging, Part Deux

I really hope this post lands where it’s supposed to land; WordPress is new to me and the point here is to brag incessantly about myself while learning WordPress in the process.

Another day of job-hunting. Have you done this? It’s exhausting. Deep into your bones exhausting. I need a job because I will otherwise go totally insane.  I’m tired. I want to watch TV, a lot.  After answering my daily dozen job ads I went for a walk. It’s gorgeous out there, who knew? I forget there’s an outside when I’m hunched over the computer inside. All of a sudden I don’t need a warm coat, and I took some Instagram pics in Windsor Terrace.  Then yoga tonight, praise all that is holy. My amazing yoga teacher,  Elias, is in Mexico running a yoga retreat I’d kill to be a part of. So we have a sub teacher. She’s nice, but she’s not Elias. Still, it’s good for all that ails.


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