Blogging, Day one


I haven’t blogged in ten years, and the last time it ended poorly. (Understatement… Said blog is on lockdown over at BlogSpot.) But, that whole “if at first you don’t succeed” thing, and here I am.

New gig is exciting! I’m doing creative–writing, editing, art direction, anything else that’s creative–for a We help other nonprofits get donations by making them a tangible gift.  So instead of donating XX dollars in your friend’s name to, say, Heifer International, you can donate a specific item. Like a goat. Or a flock of geese. And instead of a boring form letter telling your sister, for example, that you’ve made a donation in her name, she’ll receive a gorgeous gift card telling her exactly what she’s been given; perhaps it’s Polio vaccines for ten children in need! This non-profit “changes” how people donate. It’s interesting, and I’m jazzed about new challenges.

It’s a calm Sunday here, after a tumultuous Friday. Prudence, the feline who owns me, had an asthma attack. Had no idea cats could have asthma. Terrifying, her heart rate was sky high, and I rushed her to the vet when I noticed her breathing was off. They examined her, sent her for x-rays and then two shots: cortisone and a bronchodilator. While she was still being monitored after the vaccines, the vet came to talk to me and show me the x-rays of Pru’s little lungs. At this point, I got lightheaded and white as a sheet and needed to sit down. Usually you wait for your pet in the front, but they suggested I stay in the exam room. Then the vet techs asked me if I wanted a glass of water (I did.) Two days later, on steroids, Pru sleeping upside down next to me. She seems no worse for wear. I still need to breathe in a bag.


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